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How Vibe LLC Uses MoonClerk To Lower Costs For Their Customers

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Sep 7, 2017

Hagan Walker, cofounder of Vibe LLC, talks to us about how using MoonClerk to accept recurring payments allows his business to forecast sales and lower prices for his customers. Can you tell us a little about Vibe? Vibe, LLC makes…

10 Pricing Strategies For Subscription Based Businesses

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Aug 31, 2017

If you’re running a subscription based business, you know that hitting the right price point is essential to make yourself profitable. But it’s not just the right price, it’s how you communicate that price and package it to your consumer….

New Feature: Give Your Payers The Ability To Change Their Plan Frequency And Charge Day

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Aug 28, 2017

We’re excited to announce another update to our Payer Portal, where your payers can manage their own recurring plans after they’ve checked out. We’ve added the ability for you to allow your payers to both change the frequency of their…

Is A Subscription Model Right For Your Business? Pros vs Cons

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Aug 16, 2017

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, it’s funny to see that one of the fastest growing and most popular business models of our day employs that good old fashioned method of delivery: subscriptions. If you’re wondering to what…

Add Affiliate Tracking To MoonClerk With The New Tapfiliate Integration

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Aug 7, 2017

Affiliate marketing can be a great sales channel for your product or service. Instead of, for example, buying ad space online, affiliate marketing allows you to establish a relationship with an individual who will be a living, breathing promoter of…

16 Powerful Social Media Strategies For Churches

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Aug 7, 2017

There are many ways to effectively communicate within and about your church, but in 2017, there’s no arguing that one of those ways should definitely be through social media. Since the mid-2000s, social media platforms have changed the way that…

7 Law Firm Marketing Strategies To Take Your Practice Up A Notch

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Jul 25, 2017

Gone are the days when all attorneys had to worry about was representing their client effectively. Opening your own practice can be confusing, daunting and expensive. You’ve spent countless hours in law school or even practicing law, and being an…

How Carolin Soldo Uses MoonClerk To Improve Her Overall Client Experience

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Jul 14, 2017

Jessica Spino, Business Support Manager for Carolin Soldo, talks with us about how using MoonClerk to accept payments has helped improve her overall client experience. Can you tell us a little about what Carolin Soldo’s business does? Carolin Soldo is…

Why DKM Coaching Uses MoonClerk To Process 100% Of Its Revenue

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Jun 28, 2017

Adam Cortez, founder of DKM Coaching, talks with us about how switching to MoonClerk to process 100% of the revenue for his business was one of the biggest factors in the growth of his business. Can you tell us a…

10 Coworking Space Marketing Tips to Drive More Members

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Jun 22, 2017

In a world where startups come and go with the weather, coworking spaces are opportunities for one of the most profitable and sound investments budding entrepreneurs can make. If you own a coworking space, you understand that they can be…

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