How Anatomy of Marriage Doubled Its Income With MoonClerk

Seth Studley talks with us about how MoonClerk helped his business, Anatomy of Marriage, double its income. 

Can you tell us a little about what you do?

My wife and I are high performance marriage coaches, content creators, and hosts of top rated podcasts.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

On a day-to-day basis, I handle calls with clients, I handle our business management, and I help create content for Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

How did you get started doing what you’re doing?

We got started by filling a need in the coaching and marriage space. We personally were having great difficulties in our marriage and needed real, raw, and direct resources that worked. 

What have been some key factors in growing your business?

We have created and continue to create real and vulnerable content that helps people through sharing our stories and then providing hope, direction, and measurable outcomes. 

What do you use MoonClerk for?

We bill our clients through MoonClerk

What problems did you have with your previous payment system?

Our previous system was slow, kind of clunky, and had high fees. It was clunky enough that we had trouble converting potential customers into paying clients. So, we actually lost clients with our previous payment system!

What made you finally decide to use MoonClerk?

MoonClerk’s ease of use was the deciding factor in switching over for us.

What was your experience when getting started with MoonClerk?

Getting started with MoonClerk was seamless. It was a super quick set up - we were ready to go in about 30 minutes!

What specific feature do you like most about MoonClerk?

We like how quick and easy it is to adapt the payment forms to the way we want to offer our services to our clients. Our clients can sign up and pay for our services quickly and efficiently. 

Has MoonClerk improved or helped your business?

Absolutely!! We literally DOUBLED our income by using Moonclerk.  

Would you recommend MoonClerk to others?

YES!  It’s so easy to use, both for us and for our clients.