How METdance Grew Its Business By Switching To MoonClerk For Payment Processing

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Apr 3, 2015

Marlana Doyle, Artistic Director of METdance, tells us how switching to MoonClerk allowed her to grow her business and start accepting payments for all of her dance company’s activities.

Marlana Doyle METdance MoonClerk testimonial

Can you tell us a little about your company?

Houston Metropolitan Dance Center strives to educate and revitalize a passion for dance through the finest instruction and performance. With professional and youth dance companies, as well as a strong community outreach program, METdance continues to be a leader in the vitality and diversity of Houston’s dance community. METdance company has performed throughout the United States in dozen’s of theaters receiving high acclaim, performing works by some of the most influential and talented choreographers of our time.

What are your responsibilities at METdance?

As the Artistic Director, I try to keep the diversity and versatility of the dancers and choreographers a part of the overall artistic vision of the Company. I attend annual conferences, perform with the company, and help book national tours for the company. While directing the professional company is my main focus, I also fill my time with co-directing the MET Too youth company, choreographing, teaching and judging in Houston and throughout the United States.

How did you get started with METDance

I moved here to be a Dancer in the Company in 2001 and now I am the Artistic Director.

What have been some key factors in growing your business?

One of the biggest aspects of growing our business is switching to MoonClerk, which allowed us to accept payments and give our clients the ability to easily check out online.

What do you use MoonClerk for?

We use MoonClerk to accept payments for pretty much everything – from classes, registration, recital fees, summer intensives, and more.

Before MoonClerk, did you use another payment system?

Previously, we only had the ability for people to pay in person in our studio by credit card, cash or check. We didn’t have a recurring payment system or a way to for people to pay online.

What made you decide to use MoonClerk?

We use Squarespace as our CMS/website builder and MoonClerk was compatible with both Squarespace and the payment processor, Stripe. 

What was your experience when switching and getting started with MoonClerk?

It was a seamless transition and pretty easy for us to accomplish. We like how efficient and user-friendly MoonClerk is. It has been made things more convenient for our clients and more organized for us.


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