How The Iron Yard Uses MoonClerk to Accept Rent and Tuition for Its Coworking Spaces and Code Schools

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Feb 25, 2014

The Iron Yard operates coworking spaces, code education schools, and startup accelerators throughout the Southeast. Through their growing network of teachers, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and employers, they’ve developed a thriving community where serendipity happens en-masse. They’re also a happy MoonClerk customer!

Hear what Eric Dodds, partner and chief marketing officer of The Iron Yard, has to say about how he uses MoonClerk to accept payment in every aspect of the organization.

The Iron Yard operates multiple coworking spaces. Coworking is a growing industry (some estimates put it at a triple digit annual growth rate) that is essentially a shared work environment among people and businesses that operate independently. The Iron Yard uses MoonClerk to charge monthly desk rentals at its coworking spaces as well as additional charges such as conference room rentals.

The Iron Yard Academy operates multiple code schools that teach intensive, three-month courses that mentor students into a professional junior-level programmer. Their program goes beyond tactical skills and teaches students to think like a software engineer. The Iron Yard uses MoonClerk to run financing options for tuition at its code schools as well as additional charges such as housing costs.

Eric Dodds of The Iron Yard says, “The best part about MoonClerk is how easy it is to use. It’s an amazingly powerful tool but it’s so quick and easy to get new payment plans set up. I can create a new payment plan in about a minute and it’s so flexible. I can do that across multiple locations and manage multiple different payment types. I’ve used almost every piece of software out there under the sun to make my life easier from a management standpoint and a lot of them have feature bloat. They’re way too complex. MoonClerk is flexible enough for me to build my own workflow and collect payments according to how that workflow runs. It makes my life way easier because I can build my own system and MoonClerk fits into that system perfectly.”

If you’re interested in more information about how we can help your code school or coworking space, feel free to contact us.

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