Timmy Trabon, co-founder of Visual Arts Passage, talks with us about how using MoonClerk to offer payment plans to his students allows him to connect with new customers he wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.

timmy trabon testimonial for moonclerk recurring payments

Can you tell us a little about Visual Arts Passage?

Visual Arts Passage is a program of online art classes for career-driven artists. All of our classes are taught live and online by industry-leading professionals. The classes are small, interactive, and the teaching is custom-tailored to the individual.

Visual Arts Passage acts as an educational compass and co-pilot for art students navigating their way towards the art industry. We place art students on a disciplined track of progressively challenging courses led by working artists as their personal mentors. This sequence of courses bridges the gap between the art student and the professional. We guide students from building foundational skills, all the way to crafting an industry-ready portfolio.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

I co-founded Visual Arts Passage alongside John English, an internationally-acclaimed illustrator, and art educator. John is also the Program Director at Visual Arts Passage. I handle the administrative and marketing responsibilities.

How did your business get its start?

John English founded the Illustration Academy, which just recently celebrated it’s 25thanniversary. This educational workshop for illustrators is internationally respected as one of the most influential and immersive training grounds for career-seeking artists. All of the lessons are geared toward professional development and are taught by leading professionals. Students are given the opportunity to learn from and work alongside many of today’s most accomplished working artists.

We developed Visual Arts Passage in January 2017. It was developed as a program for online art classes that distilled the foundational skills, practical industry knowledge, and mentorship-geared teaching methods present at The Illustration Academy. We knew that online art classes would create an opportunity for aspiring artists around the world to connect with their art heroes and learn from the best working professionals.  We wanted to foster meaningful mentorships, build a thriving community of ambitious creatives, and ultimately give students access to the best information.

What have been some key factors in growing your business?

Our program is taught by many of today’s most accomplished visual artists. We owe a great deal of our success to our instructors. They are all passionate educators and mentors. They have created an environment that allows students to reach new heights artistically. The quality established by our faculty, paired with the global reach of online classes, allowed us to befriend an international community of ambitious, hard-working, and talented artists.

What do you use MoonClerk for?

We use MoonClerk to create payment plans for Visual Arts Passage students.

What made you decide to use MoonClerk?

We wanted to broaden the accessibility of Visual Arts Passage. We believed that breaking the program’s cost into a series of payments would allow more individuals to participate in our mentorship program.

After researching several options, we quickly recognized MoonClerk could offer us all of the tools to create a positive customer experience.

What was your experience when getting started with MoonClerk?

We immediately were sold on MoonClerk when we realized how effectively we could integrate their tools and resources into our company. Plus, via their chat support, we had instant access to a MoonClerk team member to help us understand and apply their software.

What do you like about MoonClerk?

The customer service at MoonClerk is impeccable. The chat support is quick to respond and always goes above and beyond to troubleshoot problems, create solutions, and assist in optimizing MoonClerk’s tools and resources for our program. The MoonClerk team also listens to suggestions and seems to frequently add improvements.

How has MoonClerk improved or helped your business?
Now that we are able to offer highly customizable payment plans to our students, our program is more accessible to a wider range of artists. The payment plan we offer using MoonClerk is now the most popular option for our students. It lowers the financial barrier of entry for our students and allows us to connect with new customers we may not have had the option to work with otherwise.

Any advice for others who are in similar industries?

The MoonClerk team is awesome!