How ICOR Boxing Club Uses MoonClerk to Provide Convenience and Flexibility to Its Clients

Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Aug 21, 2014

Emily Klinefelter, founder of ICOR Boxing Club, talks with us about her mixed martial arts club and the different ways she uses MoonClerk.

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Can you tell us a little about ICOR?

ICOR is a mixed martial arts club. Initially founded as a USA Boxing certified amateur boxing club, we now offer boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Most of our students just train to learn and to get in shape, but we also have competition teams in all the various disciplines offered at ICOR. We teach boxing and Muay Thai to men and women of all ages, sizes, and experience levels.

What are your responsibilities at ICOR?

I am the owner and boxing instructor. I am at the gym at least 4 to 5 days a week teaching boxing classes and preparing our boxers for competitions. I also handle all the paperwork, including tuition collection, waivers, insurance, bill paying, equipment orders, athlete registrations, etc.

How did you get started?

Originally I started with ICOR as a competitive boxer. I had a 10+ year career that included 97 fights, both professional and amateur in both boxing and MMA. I competed all over the US and all over the world. Eventually I retired from competition and transitioned to coaching.

What have been some key factors in growing your business?

Expanding the gym from just a boxing gym to a MMA gym really brought in a lot more students, although boxing remains the core of our program. ICOR is in a college town, so there is a constant revolving crop of university students who make up the bulk of our clientele. When I took over the gym in 2008 I bought a competition boxing ring that we use in the gym year round and that we transport to competition venues when we host local competitions. The ring really gave the gym a professional feel that I think increased our curb appeal for prospective students.

What do you use MoonClerk for?

I use MoonClerk for tuition collection and to sell merchandise including hand-wraps, mouth guards, and team clothing. At the last local competition we hosted, I was able to use MoonClerk to sell “will-call” tickets online.

What problems did you have with your previous payment system?

Our previous tuition collection company only collected students’ tuition on the 5th, 10th, and 20th of the month and didn’t deposit the funds into my account until the very end of the month. I prefer MoonClerk because the funds get deposited into my account much faster and we can sign new students up at any time instead of having to wait for a certain date to start them.

How did these problems affect your business?

MoonClerk has offered a lot more flexibility than my previous tuition collection company. We could not sell merchandise using our last company. Also, MoonClerk lets me post links for payment on our website and Facebook page, which makes it a lot easier for students to sign up for payment.

What made you decide to use MoonClerk?

The biggest factor that convinced me to switch to MoonClerk was the quicker turnaround between when our students are billed for tuition and when the funds actually make it into our bank account. Before we had to wait almost a month to get the funds. Also, MoonClerk was one of the few payment options that had a recurring monthly payment option, which is essential for a gym.

What was your experience when switching and getting started with MoonClerk?

Getting started with MoonClerk was quick and painless. In under an hour you can set up a plan to accept payments online and in-person. We added a “subscribe” button to our website so new customers can sign up from the convenience of their own home. We also have been using MoonClerk on our iPhones at the gym when clients sign up for a membership or purchase merchandise.

What do you like about MoonClerk?

Another feature that I’ve found super convenient about MoonClerk is the almost limitless ability to create and use “forms” which is basically just a new item. A few clients only want an open gym membership. When someone inquires about that I can easily create a new form (recurring payment plan) for a different amount than our usual membership and can email them the link. They can pay at home without ever having to bring their card to the gym. It’s really convenient and very flexible. Also, we can easily refund payments using MoonClerk. That has saved me from having to put a check in the mail on more than a few occasions.

How has MoonClerk improved or helped your business?

MoonClerk has absolutely helped get my business into the modern technological era. Even though we’re not a big retail gym with a cash register, we can still take credit card payments, which is so important to customers these days.

Any advice for others who are in similar industries?

MoonClerk is a great way to create and accept recurring payment plans. It’s much simpler than going through a third party collection company. You retain so much more control and have a lot more flexibility.

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