We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a direct integration with Sendlane, a provider of intelligent, behavior based, email automation.


Whenever a payer successfully checks out on one of your MoonClerk payment forms, you can choose to add them to your Sendane account as a subscriber and automatically add them to one of your Sendlane lists. 

About Sendlane

Sendlane provides intelligent, behavior based marketing automation platform to track, personalize, and automate your customer communication and track your customer journey. Sendlane’s mission is to help increase engagement and maximize engagement with a suite of inbound marketing tools to help scale your business. Sendlane features personalized communications (email and SMS), event and behavior tracking, retargeting, and cross channel automation.

If you’re interested in setting up a Sendlane account, the best thing to do is to checkout their website and sign up for a free 14 day trial.  

How Does MoonClerk Work With Sendlane?

As with all of our email marketing integrations, our functionality allows you to control everything from the MoonClerk payment form level. With each MoonClerk payment form, you can add the payer as a Sendlane subscriber and automatically add them to one of your Sendlane lists. So, let’s say you wanted to send separate newsletters to “Silver,” “Gold,” or “Platinum” subscribers. You would set up three MoonClerk payment forms – one for each level. You can have your Silver customers automatically assigned to your “Silver” Sendlane list, your Gold customers to your “Gold” list, and your Platinum customers to your “Platinum” list.

You can check out these step-by-step tutorials from our Help section to learn how to:

Install Sendlane on your MoonClerk account

Add your payers as subscribers to one of your Sendlane lists when they check out on a MoonClerk payment form.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us.