New Feature For Developers: MoonClerk Webhooks

Though they require more advanced technical knowhow, webhooks provide a powerful way to automate your business. In the past, instead of our own webhook system, we passed metadata through to Stripe and allowed our users to use Stripe’s webhook system. That method will still work but we’re happy to announce that we now offer our own webhook system for MoonClerk.

The main advantages of using MoonClerk’s webhook system: 

  • Stripe’s webhooks don’t include any of the custom fields within your MoonClerk payment forms. MoonClerk webhooks do include the data in those custom fields.
  • MoonClerk’s webhooks mirror actions you are familiar with in your MoonClerk account as opposed to the hundreds of low-level actions within Stripe that you might not be familiar with and that might not apply to you.

Once you set up a Webhook Endpoint in the MoonClerk dashboard, MoonClerk will send a POST request to the specified endpoint URL when the specified topic(s) takes place.

Here are the topics MoonClerk provides:

Payment Created

Notifies when a payment is created in any state (failed, succeeded, etc). Includes Payment data.

Plan Created

Notifies when a plan is created. Includes Customer data.

Plan Ended

Notifies when a plan is canceled or when the set number periods have been exhausted. Includes Customer data. 

Plan Payment Failed

Notifies when a payment related to a plan has failed. Includes Customer data.

Learn where to locate MoonClerk’s webhook system in the MoonClerk dashboard in our Help documentation.

Learn more detail about how MoonClerk’s webhook system work in our Github Developer documentation.