We’re excited to announce the launch of our Mailchimp Pro extension! You can now seamlessly sell access to a Mailchimp newsletter via subscription or one-time payments through MoonClerk. We’re offering the Mailchimp Pro extension for a flat $15 extra per month. You can enable the extension on your account at any time.

With our original integration (now named Mailchimp Basic), we send the email address for payers to Mailchimp when they check out on MoonClerk.

Mailchimp Pro provides much more power:

  • We auto-send payer name, email address, recurring plan status, and much more to Mailchimp.
  •  We auto-sync all payer data (including recurring plan status) between Mailchimp and MoonClerk.
  • In Mailchimp, you can segment payers by recurring plan status and other data. You can then send emails based on those segments.

Once you’ve set up the extension,  we start sending and syncing all data to Mailchimp. You can find this data in Mailchimp, segment payers by the data, and send emails to them based on the segment they’re in. For example, you can choose to send emails to payers with active recurring plans but exclude those with canceled recurring plans. Because we auto-sync their information, you never have to worry about sending paid content to subscribers who aren’t paying.

Read step-by-step instructions on how to run a paid newsletter with MoonClerk and Mailchimp.

You can read much more in our Mailchimp Pro Help section. If you have any questions, please let us know!