Affiliate marketing can be a great sales channel for your product or service. Instead of, for example, buying ad space online, affiliate marketing allows you to establish a relationship with an individual who will be a living, breathing promoter of your products or services.

It is now incredibly easy to set up an affiliate program via MoonClerk, by integrating with Tapfiliate. Tapfiliate has developed their own integration with MoonClerk.

Tapfiliate is affiliate tracking software that allows you to set up and grow your own affiliate programs. You can put together your own team of loyal brand ambassadors and keep track of everything related to your affiliate program in one place. Your loyal affiliates can share marketing assets you provide to them directly from Tapfiliate into their social channels. If one of your affiliates drives a conversion, that conversion will show up in the Tapfiliate platform in real time. The best part? You only pay your affiliate partners a commission once they’ve actually delivered results.

If you’re using MoonClerk to take payments for your service or product, you can easily integrate with Tapfiliate to set up your own affiliate program.

To give your affiliates a fully white-label experience, you can customize your affiliate signup page, set up your own affiliate domain, and even create an email onboarding experience for your affiliates – all within the Tapfiliate platform.

Depending on the type of business you run, payments collected via MoonClerk can be tracked in Tapfiliate in a number of different ways.

  1. You can track one-time payments made via MoonClerk, whether you’ve embedded a MoonClerk form on your website, or if you’re redirecting visitors to MoonClerk to make payments.
  2. You can track recurring payments and award affiliates recurring commissions if you offer a monthly membership service. Every time you receive a payment for your monthly membership, the affiliate who drove this customer to sign up will receive a commission. You can also automate this process so that if the customer upgrades or downgrades their recurring plan, the affiliate commission will be adjusted accordingly. When the customer cancels their membership, the affiliate commission will also stop.
  3. You can track conversions in Tapfiliate when a coupon is used to check out in MoonClerk.

Integrating Tapfiliate with your MoonClerk checkout is easy and consists only of two simple steps.

To learn more, check out Tapfiliate’s integration guide.

Because Tapfiliate developed this integration and not MoonClerk, if you have any questions, it’s best to contact their team directly.