Announcing our Integration With ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign MoonClerk Integration

We’re happy to announce that we’ve completed our direct integration with ActiveCampaign, one of the top email marketing providers.


Whenever a payer successfully checks out on one of your MoonClerk payment forms, you can choose to have us automatically add these payers to any of the contacts lists in your ActiveCampaign account.

This allows you to either offer a paid newsletter or to offer a free newsletter to your customers or donors when they make a recurring or one-time payment through MoonClerk.

About ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign makes email marketing easier. For over ten years they have been innovating and pushing the limits of what email marketing can do. In addition to their email marketing platform, you have access to all of their email marketing resources, educational guides, and top-of-the-line support.

How Does MoonClerk Work With ActiveCampaign

As with all of our email marketing integrations, our functionality allows you to control everything from the payment form level. With each payment form, you can send payers to different ActiveCampaign contacts lists. So, let’s say you wanted to send separate newsletters to your Silver, Gold, or Platinum customers (based on the amount they pay), you would set up three MoonClerk payment forms – one for each level. You can have your Silver customers added to a “Silver” ActiveCampaign list, your Gold customers to a “Gold” list, and your Platinum customers to your “Platinum” list. In addition if you wanted to add your Gold customers to two ActiveCampaign contacts lists – a “Gold” list and a “General” list – you can do that too.

You can check out these step-by-step tutorials from our Help section to learn how to:

1) Install ActiveCampaign on your MoonClerk account 

2) Add payers to an ActiveCampaign contacts list when they check out on a MoonClerk payment form

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to send us an email at