We’re pleased to announce two major upgrades we’ve made to MoonClerk.

1) Email Notifications We’ve done a major overhaul to our email notifications system. You now have the option to customize a wide variety of emails and to use our version of merge tags to insert dynamic data into them. You can choose to have MoonClerk send emails on your behalf, both to your payers and to you, based on the following events:

  • Successful payments are made
  • Recurring plans are created
  • Failed payments occur on recurring plans
  • Recurring plans have ended
  • Card expiration dates are approaching
  • Upcoming payments are scheduled (only sent to payer)

MoonClerk uses Liquid Templating to allow you to customize these email notifications.

Important Note: Under this new email notification system, all email notifications are enabled by default, regardless of your previous settings.

2) Controls for Payers You now have the option to allow your payers to update their own credit/debit card information and to cancel their own recurring plans. Your customers or donors can do so through an optional link you can include in the email notifications.

Send us an email at help@moonclerk.com if you have any questions about these new features.

Image by Flickr user Glen Wright