Automate Your Administrative Life

Time is money. Save both by converting your everyday tasks into "set-it and forget-it" automations.

Recurring Payments

Stop sending monthly invoices, tracking down late-payments, or worrying about your cash flow. With MoonClerk, payers enter their billing info once and we take care of auto-charging them according to schedule.


Reduce the time it takes to run your business or organization by connecting MoonClerk to the other tools you use.

Zapier Integrations

Zapier is a web platform that allows you to connect MoonClerk to 2,000+ other software providers without any coding.

Direct Integrations

We provide direct direct integrations with most email marketing providers such as MailChimp and ConvertKit.

3rd Party Integrations

Use third party integrations that other software providers have built, such as Tapfiliate, ShipRobot, and PirateShip.

Automatic Email Notifications

Send automatic email notifications to your payers, your team, and yourself. Customize each email with merge fields. Choose to send emails based on:

  • Successful Payments 
  • Recurring Plans Created
  • Failed Payments on a Recurring Plan
  • Recurring Plans Ended
  • Card Expiration Dates Approaching
  • Upcoming Payments
  • Successful Refunds
  • And More

Self-Service Controls for Payers

Give your payers control over their recurring plans with our Payer Portal. Choose to allow them to cancel their plans, view their payment history, or update their:

  • Card Information
  • Name & Email
  • Custom Field Responses
  • Frequency
  • Amount
  • Charge Days

Robust Developer Tools

Programatically automate even further with our developer tools:

  • Pass and retrieve custom parameters to/from checkouts
  • Pass Name, Email, and Amount through to checkout URLS
  • Webhook integration with Stripe