Flexible Billing Options

Configure payment forms with granular control over how you want to charge your payers.

Set When Recurring Plans Start and Run

Start recurring plans at checkout or in the future. Or, let payers decide. We charge their cards according to schedule. And, you can change everything after-the-fact.

  • Charge payers the day they check out
  • Set a day of the week/month payers are to be charged
  • Set a specific date in the future payers will be charged
  • Set a trial period after which payers will be charged
  • Let payers decide at checkout when their plans start

Control How Much and How Often You Charge Your Payers

Mix and match a variety of recurring amounts, one-time upfront charges, recurring fees, and frequencies.


Charge your payers on weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or custom frequencies.

One-Time Upfront Charges

Charge a one-time upfront fee (ex. a deposit) that is different from the recurring amount. Set when it charges.

Recurring Fees

Add recurring fees for surcharges such as taxes or shipping. These fees are charged on every recurring payment.


Set a single amount, a choice of multiple amounts, suggested amounts, and/or let payers enter their own amount.

Gather Information with Custom Fields

No need to pay for a separate form builder. Collect unlimited information at checkout with your MoonClerk forms. Make the following custom fields optional or required:

  • Address (including US address verification)
  • Single line and paragraph text
  • Checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdowns
  • Date and Time
  • File Upload
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Website (URL)

Installment, Evergreen, and Limited Duration Plans

  • Installment

    • Create payment plans to help your clients afford your product/service (Ex. $1,000 over 10 months at $100/mo)
  • Evergreen

    • Charge payers indefinitely so their recurring plans don't end until the plans are manually canceled. 
  • Limited Duration

    • Limit the number of periods you charge payers so that their recurring plans end after a set timeframe.

Open Forms

Allow all billing options to be decided at checkout, giving forms even more use-cases.

Virtual Registers

Let your internal team use and make changes on-the-fly when they are checking a payer out.

Donation Forms

Let your donors choose all of the parameters for their donation on your website.

Invoice Payments

Use a single form for all your clients. When they pay, let them enter the terms you've set on their invoices.

Use Our Robust Coupon System

Create unlimited custom coupons that your payers enter before they complete their checkouts. You can always add, change, or remove coupons after checkout.

  • Create coupons for one-time or recurring checkouts. 
  • Apply coupons to one or multiple payments in a recurring plan
  • Limit the number of redemptions 
  • Decide if the coupon is an amount or percentage
  • Limit a coupon to a specific payment form
  • Set the date after which a coupon won't work

And Much More

Terms of Service

Require payers to agree to your Terms of Service before checking out.

Disable Forms

Disable payment forms after a set date or a set number of successful checkouts.

Thank You Pages

After checkout, redirect payers to your own thank-you page or display a message.