We launched MoonClerk to the public on Feb. 1, so we’re a mere 130 days old. The response has been awesome and we’re so excited to already be helping so many businesses accept payments across such a wide spectrum of industries.

We’ve had marketing agencies, design studios, nonprofits, churches, medical practices, lawn care services, coworking facilities, auto dealers, schools, and everything in-between become happy MoonClerk customers.

In fact, we’ve been so busy that we’re just now getting around to starting the MoonClerk blog. We’ll be using this blog to let you know when we add new features, to feature some of our customers, to share our thoughts, and to provide some resources to help you grow your business.

We’ve got some powerful new features launching soon to make make MoonClerk work even better for you. MoonClerk is still in it’s infancy – we can’t wait to have you along for the ride as we grow!

Image by Flickr user chefranden