New And Improved Zapier Integration For MoonClerk

We’ve just launched an improved integration with Zapier. All of our Zapier “triggers “are now instant. Plus, we’ve added 2 new triggers: 

  • Plan Payment Failed
  • Plan Ended 

We still offer the Plan Created and Successful Payment triggers. Previously all triggers updated about every 15 minutes. Now all triggers update in real-time.

If you already have “Zaps” created on Zapier with MoonClerk, all of those will continue to work as they always have. If you want to take advantage of these new features and already have “Zaps” created in Zapier with MoonClerk, you’ll need to recreate those zaps. Any new “Zaps” you create will take advantage of the improvements we made.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zapier, if you need integrations we don't offer directly or if you need additional functionality we don't offer through our direct integrations, Zapier to the rescue! Zapier is a web platform that allows you to connect 3,000+ web apps without any coding. MoonClerk is on there as well as a number of other services, of all types. You can read more our Zapier integration on our blog here:

You can view all their available apps here:

Please let us know if you have any questions.