New Feature: Give Your Payers The Ability To Pause And Restart Their Own Recurring Plans

We’re excited to announce another update to our Payer Portal, where your payers can manage their own recurring plans after they’ve checked out. We’ve added the ability for you to allow your payers to pause and restart their own recurring plans in the Payer Portal.

Now, when one of your payers goes to their Payer Portal, they will have the option to pause their recurring plans indefinitely or for a set number of periods. If their recurring plan is paused, they will then have the option to resume the plan.

So, if you offer a subscription service and one of your customers is going on vacation, you can choose to let them pause your service while they're gone.  Or, if you’re a nonprofit and your donor needs to pause their recurring donation for a little while, they can do so themselves. 

If you have the “Payer Portal Updates” notification email enabled, you’ll receive an email every time your payers pause or resume their recurring plan.

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Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Annie Roi