We’re excited to announce 3 new features to MoonClerk:

Custom Frequencies for Recurring Plans

When you create a payment form, you can now set up custom frequencies for recurring plans. Previously, we only offered monthly, quarterly, and annual recurring plan frequencies. Now we offer weekly, monthly, annual, and custom plans.

For example: You could set up a recurring plan for every 3 weeks, every 7 months, or any other variety you wish. Also, if you currently allow your payers to decide their own frequency (as many of our nonprofit customers do) then payers will be able to set up their own custom frequencies when they check out.

Here are instructions on how to set custom frequencies.

Trial Periods for Recurring Plans

You can now set a trial period between the time that payers check out on one of your payment forms and when their cards are charged. Previously, you could charge payers’ cards immediately after they checked out, on a fixed day (a set day of the week, month, or year) or let payers decide when they wanted their cards to be charged. Now you can set a relative day from the day they check out.

For example: You could set a trial period of 14 days so that payers’ cards are charged 14 days after they checkout, regardless of the day they check out.

Here are instructions on how to set trial periods.

Upfront Amounts on Recurring Plans

If you need to charge more at the beginning of a recurring plan and then have a different amount charged to the payer’s card every period after that, you can now do so. We now offer up-front amounts that can be added to recurring plans and charge the customer’s card an initial, one-time amount above and beyond the recurring amount.

For example: Let’s say you’re renting a self storage unit that costs $75 per month. You also require a $75 security deposit that must be paid at the start of contract. You can now create a MoonClerk payment form with a $75 up-front payment along with the $75 recurring payment. Your customer’s card will be charged $150 for the first payment and $75 thereafter.

If are setting up payment forms with recurring checkouts with delayed starts (for example, there is a trial period), you can choose whether you’d like the upfront amount to be charged as soon as the payer checks out or when the recurring plan starts.

Send us an email at help@moonclerk.com if you have any questions about these new features.

Photo by Flickr user CubaGallery