New Features – Set Checkout Limits Based on Date and Number of Successful Checkouts

set checkout limits

We’re excited to announce a few new features that many of our customers have been asking for. We’ve just launched the ability for you to:

  • Prevent overbooking by setting a limit to the number of successful checkouts on a payment form
  • Disable payment forms after a date that you set
  • Manually disable a payment form

This should allow you to be able to accomplish some tasks that you couldn’t previously accomplish. For example:

1) If you’re selling spots to a class you teach and you only have enough spots for 10 students, you can limit your payment form so that it only accepts 10 successful checkouts. After 10 successful checkouts, your form is automatically disabled so nobody else can checkout.

2) If you’re running an event and want to set a cutoff date for when attendees can purchase tickets, you can choose to disable a payment form on that cutoff date.

3) If you emailed a link to a payment form to a group of people and then realized that you’re not ready to launch and take payments, you can now go into the payment form and manually disable that form so that no one can checkout.

Of course, if a form is disabled (either manually or automatically based on the date or number of successful checkouts), you can always edit the form and enable it again by resetting the date or number of successful checkouts.

We’ve added some articles in our Help section to show you how to use these new features:

How to limit the number of successful checkouts on a payment form

How to disable a payment form after a set date

How to manually disable a payment form

As always, send us an email at if you have any questions.


Photo by laurencotie