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Pet Sitting Software For Billing

With MoonClerk's pet sitting software, you can focus on doing what you love rather than tracking down late-paying customers, sending out invoices, or having to ask for a credit card every time.


Perfect for Pet Sitters

If you run a pet sitting service, you have clients to please, dogs to walk, and a business to grow. Let MoonClerk’s pet sitting software for billing help you get paid on-time, every time by automatically charging your customer’s card on a recurring basis.

You can also charge your customer’s card for one-off services when they sign up or at any time after they’re signed up for scheduled recurring payments – no need to ask for their card again or to wait for them to send a check.

Whether you charge for one-off payments, recurring payments, or variable amounts over time, MoonClerk makes the entire process painless for you and your customers.

MoonClerk Helps Pet Sitters Like You:

Get Paid Faster

Don't wait for your customers to send their payments. Send them an email with a secure link they can click on to enter their credit or debit card information and pay your invoice immediately. If it's a recurring invoice, MoonClerk charges their card automatically every time they're scheduled to pay.

Manage Your Customers

Our minimalist dashboard gets out of the way so you can quickly glance at who's paid and up-to-date and who isn't. Export all of your information in a spreadsheet at any time. If for some reason your customer's card is rejected, we handle sending out automatic emails so they can update their card themselves. You'll also be notified and be able to update it for them.

Accept Payments On-the-Go

You can have your customers pay you on your iPhone, iPad, or Android while you're at their home. Our payment forms automatically resize to whatever device you may be on.

Accept Payments on Your Website

If you have a website or Facebook page, you can allow your customers to pay from there. You can embed the entire checkout process on your site or you can link to it from anywhere. Easily style the checkout to match your brand by choosing fonts and colors, and adding your logo.

Start Immediately

Your can be up and running and accepting your first payments in 5 minutes without being a computer whiz. No need to worry about merchant accounts, security, or hiring a programmer either. Our pet sitting software takes care of everything and you're instantly approved.

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