A big problem with many analytics tools is that they focus on clicks, rather than people. So if someone clicks on a Google Ad and buys something right away, you’ll probably see that Google Ad resulted in a conversion. But what happens when that customer leaves and comes back six months later? Or what happens when that customer leaves, clicks on a retargeting ad, reads a blog post and finally buys something when they come directly to your website?

This is usually how people usually buy. People rarely see one ad and then spend a bunch of money. It usually takes multiple touch points. This more realistic buying behavior is lost in most analytics reports.

Fortunately, analytics provider, Tend, has developed their own integration with MoonClerk so that every time you get a new customer, you’ll know exactly how they found you. And you’ll know which marketing efforts are driving paying customers.

Watch more about the integration to MoonClerk they built through Zapier:

You can also read Tend’s blog post about the integration to learn more about how to implement it.