Stripe Payments: Advantages Of Using MoonClerk To Easily Implement Stripe

stripe payments

Stripe is one of the most progressive and fastest growing payment processors on the internet right now. Many businesses would love to use the Stripe payments platform; however, they are built to be “Developer First” So, how can you accept debit and credit card payments on your website with Stripe if you’re not a programmer, coder, or developer? Or, what if you don’t have the funds to hire someone who is? That’s where MoonClerk comes in.


MoonClerk allows anyone to use Stripe payments in minutes, even if you aren’t a programmer or don’t have the money to hire one. But, we’ve noticed that even developers have started using MoonClerk. Why? Well, in addition to allowing developers to get started quicker, MoonClerk also provides benefits and features that don’t currently exist on Stripe, particularly if you’re wanting to accept recurring payments.

The advantages of using MoonClerk to accept credit card and debit cards with the Stripe payments platform:

1) As mentioned, when you implement Stripe yourself on your website, in most circumstances you need to be a developer or be able to hire one. That can be expensive and time consuming. MoonClerk saves you time, money, and hassle by helping anyone implement Stripe payments processing in minutes.

2) When you implement Stripe on your website yourself, you have limited options in designing the checkout. Stripe does offer a checkout option that you can use; however, it doesn’t create charges, just tokens that you’ll need to use to create payments later on your server. MoonClerk’s theme designer allows you to match your site with your logo, your colors, custom fonts, and even custom CSS. You can still embed the checkout experience on your site so your customers or donors never have to leave your site.

3) When you implement Stripe yourself on your website, you’ll need to purchase and implement your own SSL certificate so that your site is https secure. By using MoonClerk, you don’t have to worry about an SSL certificate – we provide it for you. It even works if you embed the checkout on your site.

4) When you implement Stripe yourself and you need to gather custom information from your customer or donor, you’ll need to build out or integrate with another form builder. That information will be separate from your Stripe account. MoonClerk has a form builder built-in. So, you can gather as much custom information as you’d like from your customers or donors and have all of that data, along with your payment data, in one place. You can export all of the data together.

5) When you implement Stripe yourself, there are limited email notifications to your payers and they are not easily customizable. – 1) A receipt sent to the payer when Stripe payments are made and 2) A notification sent to your payers when you issue them a refund. MoonClerk has a robust email notification system that allows you the option to send and customize the following emails:

  • Send payers and yourself an email when a successful payment is made
  • Send payers and yourself an email when a recurring plan is created
  • Send payers and yourself an email when the payer’s credit/debit card is about to expire. You can allow the payer to click a link in the email and update their card information.
  • Send payers and yourself an email when the payer’s card is declined. You can allow the payer to click a link in the email to update their card information.
  • Send payers and yourself an email when the payer’s recurring plan ends.
  • Send payers an email when there is an upcoming payment coming on their card
  • Send payers an email when you have issued them a refund

You can customize these emails with merge tags that can automatically import the custom information you’ve gathered from our form builder, the payer’s information, the recurring plan information, and the payment information. You can also optionally give payers the ability to cancel their recurring plans themselves by following a link in these emails.

6) If you’re a nonprofit and would like donors to be able to choose the amount of their recurring plan,  you can’t do this out of the box with Stripe payments. MoonClerk allows you to list “suggested” amounts and/or let the donor fill in their own amount and then set that amount up as a recurring payment.

7) MoonClerk offers the ability for you to let your customer or donor decide when they want their card to be charged, for what period of time, and at what frequency. Or you can set those parameters yourself.

8) With MoonClerk, you can create coupons/discount codes for one-time payments. Stripe only allows coupons/discount codes for recurring plans.

These are just some of the advantages of using MoonClerk with the Stripe payments platform. We’ve got even more available and have additional features planned for the MoonClerk product pipeline in the coming months. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Header image by Flickr user tarrytown