In a previous blog post we wrote for our nonprofit customers, we provided 5 Steps to a Successful Email Fundraising Campaign. As a follow-up to that post, we also  wanted to provide some donation letter samples that you can use as a guide as you’re writing and crafting your own email appeals.

Donation Letter Sample 1: ABC Hospice

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Kelsey learns she can laugh and mourn. Learn how this scared ten-year old transforms from being scared and alone to finding a place to belong. Read her story


Finding a Place to Belong

Kelsey was only ten years old when she lost her mother to cancer.  She was a shy, quiet girl who now found it even harder to relate to her peers. She didn’t know how to be a ten-year old grieving the loss of her world.  Life was rough in general – with her dad trying to work and care for two children on his own.  Christmas was devastating.  Her father asked her to try our bereavement support group.  In Kelsey’s word, “I think I liked the idea more than my brother did.  I wanted to go because I was so young and no one else knew what I was going through.” She found understanding when she learned one of her teen counselors was a support group graduate who had also lost a parent.

At the children’s group Kelsey found a place to talk. For those kids who didn’t want to talk, they found other ways to express their grief appropriately. “Children need someone to help them understand why they feel the way they do. The reason I came back is because it helped me so much.  I was so young, and I didn’t know what to do.”

And come back she did.  After graduating from the children’s grief support group, Kelsey returned as a teen counselor for several years, helping the next generation of children work through their grief.  This Kelsey enters a new phase in her journey.  She is enjoying her freshman year at a prestigious state university.  The healing and support provided by the children’s grief support program helped her grow from a grief-stricken girl into a bright, compassionate young woman.

Your donations make the grief support program possible.  This outreach program is funded 100% by your donations.  Can you donate $100 to provide a week of children’s bereavement support group?  Please donate now to ensure no child has to face a loss alone.



ABC Hospice offers free grief support programs to thousands of children, teens and adults each year. If you know someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, please ask them to call 800-555-1234 to talk with our bereavement staff. 

Holiday Bazaar

Join us December 10th and get your Holiday shopping done early! All proceeds benefit the grief support program. 

Donation buttons

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Donation Letter Sample 2: Groceries-to-You


Without Groceries-to-You, hundreds of elderly citizens in your community would be at-risk of hunger and isolation.


Sometimes, life asks too much of us.  Yolanda led a hard-working, independent life as a sales clerk and gardener for 73 years before a stroke left her legally blind.  Without Groceries-to-You, she could not access groceries or other resources outside her home.

Sometimes, a little challenge is a good thing.  Store to Door has been challenged by a matching grant to raise $10,000 from new donors by the end of this month.  We’re more than half-way there, but we need you to help us meet our goal.  If you’ve never donated to Groceries-to-You before, now is the time.

Did you know that most private home-care providers charge $65 a trip for grocery shopping assistance?  Our clients cannot afford such fees and in contrast, Groceries-to-You charges just $4-$7. The actual cost to run our program, however, is $30 per delivery.  Can you donate $30 to sponsor a delivery of fresh produce and household supplies to a home-bound elder like Yolanda?

Please, DONATE NOW and help us reach our goal!


We hope these donation letter samples can serve as a guide as you’re creating your own. Let us know if you have any questions about how MoonClerk can help your nonprofit.