Earn 30% Recurring Commissions With MoonClerk’s New Affiliate Program

We’re happy to announce the launch of the MoonClerk affiliate program. For years, we’ve had happy customers ask us if we had some way for them to earn commissions from the customers they referred to us. We now have a way!


As a MoonClerk affiliate, you’ll earn 30% recurring commissions in perpetuity on all paying customers you refer to us.

So, if you refer someone to MoonClerk whose payment volume puts them in our $75/month tier, you’ll earn $22.50 in commission from that MoonClerk customer that month. If they stay in that tier, you’ll continue to earn that commission every month thereafter. We automatically adjust the amount of the 30% commissions based on whichever tier they are in for a given billing period.

Signing Up

MoonClerk uses the affiliate software program, Rewardful, to help us manage our affiliate program. To sign up and sign-in to your affiliate program, you’ll be directed to a MoonClerk-branded Rewardful page.

Sign Up Now

Learn more about the signup process

Management and Activity

Once you’ve created your affiliate account, you’ll have access to your affiliate dashboard through Rewardful. From this dashboard, you’ll find the link you use to refer people to MoonClerk so that you can earn commissions. And, you’ll be able to manage your affiliate account and see all activity such as the people who you’ve referred, your commissions, and your payouts.

Learn how to find your shareable affiliate link

Learn how to see your affiliate activity and manage your affiliate account

Additional Information

Here are some links where you can find some additional information on our affiliate program:

Learn how to sign back into your affiliate account after you’ve created it

Read the details on how payouts work

Read the terms and rules for our affiliate program

If you have any questions about anything, please get in touch with us and let us know.

Marketing Assets

If you’d like to download MoonClerk logos to use in your affiliate marketing, you can do so on our MoonClerk Affiliate Program landing page. Just scroll to the “Share” section and click the “Download logos” button.