How JoJoy Fitness Grew Monthly Income By 64% With MoonClerk’s Subscription-Based Payment System

Jo Joy talks with us about why she likes to use MoonClerk to power her subscription-based coaching service and how it helped her grow her monthly income by 64%. 

Can you tell us a little about what you do?

I work with people who suffer from knee and back pain, and I help them become pain-free and injury proof. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, with specialties in corrective exercise and behavior change, I understand how to help others increase their energy and reduce inflammation through a nutrient-dense diet, and emphasizing posture, core, stability, and balance training. We work on mobility, stability, power and strength training.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

On a day-to-day basis, I train clients live, in-person, and virtually. And, I create monthly workout and nutrition plans. I love supporting my clients with check-in calls and I am constantly shooting new videos for new programs and education for my clients. 

How did your you get started?

As a semi-pro snowboarder and skateboarder in my early 20’s, I crashed at high speeds on concrete and ice on a regular basis. After a career-ending accident coming up short on a 40ft snowboard jump, I ultimately had five knee reconstruction surgeries and debilitating back pain for years. In my process of trying dozens of methods to alleviate pain, I became passionate about helping others find their path to relief quicker than it took me, with my focus on the safest and simplest possible ways to actually recover, and not just to use a mask or a temporary fix. 

What have been some key factors in growing your business?

Some key factors to the growth of my business have been getting clear and specific about what I offer. I love helping people feel safe in their body so they can experience freedom again. 

What do you use MoonClerk for?

I use MoonClerk for my clients’ monthly subscription payments. The details of what they are signing up for are on the branded landing page when I send them their secure payment form.

What problems did you have with your previous payment systems?

In the past, I used a Clover plugin on my phone, where the client would swipe their card when I saw them. At the gym, my clients aren’t usually carrying their wallet which made it challenging transitioning between back-to-back clients and taking payments.

I also used Venmo and PayPal, or I would take checks or cash. I typically offered packages of sessions and slowly transitioned into offering larger programs where, for one flat rate, I’d offer three or six months of coaching.

With all these systems, it was challenging to have a consistent monthly income throughout the year. I was constantly battling a feast and famine cycle. I craved stability and predictability with my income. These models also required me to continually ask the customer if they were renewing. I had to do that as frequently as a once a month. It gave me anxiety asking for my customers’ cards so frequently. It gave me uncertainty knowing they could decide to not buy another package at any time. It was an awkward ask all. the. freaking. time.

What made you finally decide to use MoonClerk?

I decided to switch to a monthly subscription business model. I require a three-month commitment and I request a 14-day cancellation notice.

Switching my business to a subscription-based model from a pay-per-session model was an absolute gamechanger. I used to sell packages of sessions, typically selling eight sessions per package, and typically training clients twice per week. I would estimate I sold a package per client per month, but that was often not the case. I allowed for a 24-hour cancellation period, and when the inevitable cancellation would occur, paired with travel plans and illness, planning for my monthly income was impossible.

To my surprise, my clients like the simplicity and consistency just as much as I do. 

What was your experience when getting started with MoonClerk?

Getting started was easy. A personal trainer friend recommended MoonClerk to me. I set it up within minutes, and it looked professional immediately.

What specific feature do you like most about MoonClerk?

I like the branding. My clients love that they can use Apple Pay. I also like being able to say I have a secure payment form and my clients like hearing that as well. I love the simplicity of one link. It’s easy to go in and change my clients’ information. And my clients can easily go in and change their payment info.

How has MoonClerk improved your business?

When I finally switched to a subscription-based model through MoonClerk, my monthly income went up by an average of 64% per month.

Would you recommend MoonClerk to others?

I have and will continue to recommend MoonClerk to others. Moving from the pay-per session model to a more comprehensive monthly subscription offer is always what I recommend to folks in service-based entrepreneurs. I have gotten better results from my clients with this model.