How MoonClerk Helped Yogalates London Grow 50% In 6 Months


Beth Morgan, founder of Yogalates London, talks with us about how using MoonClerk to accept payments helped grow her revenue 50% in just 6 months.

Can you tell us a little about what your organization does?

Hi! My name is Beth. I teach Solomon Yogalates in London. Solomon Yogalates is an award-winning exercise system that hand-picks the best, and most importantly, safest elements of traditional yoga and Pilates, to create a dynamic fusion of East and West that is accessible to the wider population, not just the accomplished few. Yogalates combines the postural and core strengthening work of Pilates with the physical, mental and spiritual practices of Hatha yoga to help us reconnect and bring balance back to body, mind, and breath.

I run classes, weekend retreats, half-day workshops and offer private Yogalates tuition in and around London. I launched my first Yogalates London retreat in Tuscany, Italy last year, and am excited to be holding the first UK based Yogalates retreat in the English countryside this September!

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

When I am not teaching or on my yoga mat, I am usually found lesson planning, answering emails, updating the website, interacting on social media, or composing e-newsletters to my mailing list.

How did you get started?

After many years spent practicing Yogalates DVD’s whilst touring abroad as an actress, I decided to train as a Yogalates teacher in 2014 with the founder herself, Louise Solomon. Since then my passion for learning and growing as a teacher has taken me around the world, even to Rishikesh, India, where I completed my advanced yoga teacher training with Yoga Alliance.

What have been some key factors in your organization’s growth?

Working with a yoga-specific business coach last year (Amy McDonald) has been central to the growth of my business, giving me great tools to expand and actually increase my income by 50% within a year. Having a great website with professional photos and an easy-to-use online payment system have all been important factors in welcoming new clients. Developing a consistent social media presence has also helped me reach more people.

What do you use MoonClerk for?

I teach in several different venues and work with clients in a variety of different ways – retreats, term group classes, and one-to-one tuition, etc., so find it very useful to have an easy, professional looking, and personal interface with which to receive one-off payments from clients in advance of working with me.

What made you decide to use MoonClerk?

A friend recommended I try MoonClerk. So glad I did! It is such a user-friendly platform and very reasonably priced.

What was your experience when getting started with MoonClerk?

I found the setup really easy and simple. At no point did I feel out of my depth even though I’m a bit of a techno-novice!

What do you like about MoonClerk?

I was pleasantly surprised by just how user-friendly MoonClerk is for both me and my clients. I love being able to customize the checkout with the Yogalates London brand colors and fonts, etc., making the payment process personal to my business, and how professional looking everything is. It’s a nice touch and reassuring for new clients especially. Also, when I want to offer a client a discount on one of my regular packages it’s very easy to establish a ‘coupon code’ that the client can simply use at checkout to get their 10% off, for example.

How has MoonClerk improved or helped your business?

Taking online payments through MoonClerk has increased my business income by about 50% over the past six months. Working with a professional interface like MoonClerk has helped me bring my business to the next level.

Any advice for others who are in similar industries?

Having an online payment system has been the biggest turning point for my business. It’s very easy and safe for clients to pay online in advance, which takes the pressure off. I don’t need to worry about clients canceling or not being able to pay the costs at the studio spaces I rent. Having great terms and conditions also helps prevent financial loss. I love that MoonClerk handles this side of things too, with an easy link to my website’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ and a tick box to confirm each client has read and agreed to my terms and conditions before making a payment. Really helpful touch…saves me so much time!