New Feature: Sell Access To Streaming Video And Live Webinars With Our Digital Delivery Extension

Update (4/30/2020): We’ve just added support for streaming, embedded Vimeo and  Vimeo Live videos. When we originally launched this feature, we supported YouTube only. We’ve updated this article to include both platforms.

During these turbulent times, we’ve been working hard on improving our Digital Delivery extension so that you can move more of your businesses from offline to online.

In our Digital Delivery extension, we’ve just launched the ability to sell access to:

  • Streaming, embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Streaming, embedded live webinars through YouTube Live and Vimeo Live videos.

Streaming, Embedded Videos

Previously, you could upload video files (and any other digital file types such as PDFs, audio, E-books, etc.) and have your payers download those files. Now, you can choose to embed secret YouTube and Vimeo videos your payers can watch straight from their Digital Delivery package. 

Instead of just seeing a “Download” button, your payers will now see a “Watch” button:

When they click to watch, they’ll be able to watch the embedded video right there (and go full-screen) without being directed to YouTube or Vimeo or having to download the video:

It’s as simple as pasting the URL to your video into MoonClerk. If you set your video’s privacy restrictions in YouTube and Vimeo according to the instructions in our Help documents, the general public won’t be able to see the video unless they have the link. But, you can grant access to your paying customers so they can watch the video by embedding it through MoonClerk.

Live Webinars

By taking advantage of YouTube Live and Vimeo Live, you can offer paid access to secret, live webinars. You can schedule your secret webinars for the future and sell access to them in advance. You can also include other types of digital products as resources in a “package” that your payers receive along with access to the live webinar. Once the webinar is complete, we maintain a recorded version of the video in the payer’s “Package” they purchase so they can go back and watch it again. The process for you to add live webinars as digital products and the process for your customers to view them is almost identical to the process for standard videos.  


These new features are included in our flat $15/month Digital Delivery extension. Learn more about Digital Delivery


To learn more, you can read our instructions for Vimeo and our instructions for YouTube, all with accompanying images in our Help section. Also, feel free to reach out to us directly.

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