Tapfiliate’s Updated Integration With MoonClerk Makes Affiliate Marketing Easier

As you continue to grow and scale your business with MoonClerk, you might find yourself looking for a new way to reach potential customers, clients or donors.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in handy.

Affiliate marketing can give you an additional channel to market your product or service. You can encourage individuals (affiliates) to promote your brand in exchange for a commission. This usually happens when people end up buying a product or signing up for a service.

Affiliates can be influencers in your niche, bloggers, review sites, or even existing customers. There are different ways affiliates can promote your business:

  • Online coaches can use existing clients to share testimonials with their online network.
  • Gym and yoga studios can partner with local fitness influencers to promote on social media.
  • Or SaaS businesses can work with tech bloggers to post a tutorial about their software.

Tapfiliate for MoonClerk

If you’re using MoonClerk to take payments, you can easily start affiliate marketing by integrating with Tapfiliate.

In 2017 Tapfiliate developed their own integration with MoonClerk – allowing users to easily set up and start their own affiliate program.

And now, Tapfiliate has updated their MoonClerk integration with new features.

Here are some of the new features:

Easier Integration

Integrating Tapfiliate with your MoonClerk-run site is now easier than ever. It’s a simple copy and paste, and Tapfiliate connects to your MoonClerk-connected Stripe account. This means you can get started in minutes without needing a web developer.

Read the integration documentation.

Match Your Brand

Customize your affiliate signup page, set up your own affiliate domain, and even create an email onboarding experience for your affiliates all within the Tapfiliate platform.

Your website, MoonClerk payment form, and Tapfiliate dashboard will all match your brand – providing a cohesive feel and better customer experience.

Different Tracking Types

With Tapfiliate, you can track different conversion types (conversions refer to anytime an action is completed via an affiliate link).

You can track affiliate-driven conversions for one-off orders and individual purchases, as well as recurring payments for subscription-based services.

Subscription-based services can use recurring commissions. This means every time you receive a subscription payment, the affiliate who drove this customer to sign up will receive a commission. Recurring commissions are an attractive incentive, and can be capped to limit conversions so that it’s fitting to your business needs.

You can also track “trial” customers. Follow customers from when they sigs up for a trial to when they become paying customers and Tapfiliate will automatically create a conversion when the first payment happens.  


One of Tapfiliate’s newest features is automated refund & dispute handling. Any refunded payments in MoonClerk will be automatically reflected in your Tapfiliate dashboard with updated commission amounts.


Since Tapfiliate developed this integration and not MoonClerk, if you have any questions, it’s best to