Constructive Roots

Marketing Agency

“MoonClerk has helped us become 95% more efficient with billing and collecting customer payments. Whether I’m out meeting a client, or it’s the weekend, MoonClerk is working 24/7. MoonClerk is billing our clients on-time, every time. Out of all of the paid online subscriptions we use, MoonClerk is at the top of my list.”

— Martin Masin | Read More

Coach, Speak & Serve

Business Coach

“When we first signed up for MoonClerk, we needed a solution for a first-time product launch. To-date, we’ve processed over $140,000 through 145 payments in MoonClerk– that’s a big deal for a new brand. My advice for other coaches who have programs for their clients would be to just use MoonClerk. ”

— Aprille Franks | Read More

Neema House – Geita


“Through just MoonClerk, in only 7 months we have already raised 50% of the annual gifts we received in all of the previous year from all areas of fundraising. MoonClerk has helped us build and sustain regular monthly support as we care for more and more children.”

— Scott McFaddin | Read More

Brit’s Brothers Gym

Gym & Personal Trainer

"I’m not the most technically savvy person but I’m able to get all of the information about my customers. MoonClerk allows me to focus on my customers and not have to chase them down each month for checks and payments."

— Olly Pierce | Read More


Coworking Facility

“Our business has literally doubled since we started using MoonClerk and the member experience has improved drastically! It has been a clean user experience and all of the data is easily export-able. I like the design capabilities and the ability to customize new payment plans on the fly.”

— Chirag Gupta | Read More

Jennifer Jayde International

Business Coach

“I was able to bring in over $48,000 in automated payments alone in just the first few months of using MoonClerk. I did it with ease and with little to no time or money spent. This created a healthier bottom line for my business, allowing me to spend my time and money doing what I actually love to be doing.”

— Jennifer Jayde | Read More

Moomaw Family Farm


“MoonClerk has allowed us to make our services more accessible and convenient, which improves the value of what we offer, and has contributed directly to an increase in sales. The concept of selling subscriptions to a farm has huge potential, and MoonClerk’s recurring payment system makes it easy to do.”

— Nathan Moomaw | Read More

CrossFit Abellire

CrossFit Box

“MoonClerk has made our 600% growth rate over 7 months a much simpler and hassle-free process. I would recommend MoonClerk’s services to anyone who has a similar system of operation. Being able to easily keep track of all of our income and just about guarantee on-time monthly payments has been a huge life saver!”

— Franklin Steck | Read More

Yogalates London

Yoga Studio

“Having an online payment system has been the biggest turning point for my business. Taking online payments through MoonClerk has increased my business income by about 50% over the past six months. Working with a professional interface like MoonClerk has helped me bring my business to the next level.”

— Beth Morgan | Read More


Art Residency Program

“People actually pay us in a timely fashion with MoonClerk. In the past, by the time the program starts in June, we usually have about 15 people making any sort of payment. This year, the first year we used MoonClerk, we had 63. It was a pretty tremendous increase.”

— Paige Laino | Read More

Business Coach

“After doing a little research, I discovered MoonClerk and it was exactly what I was looking for. Plus, it also integrated with my email automation tool, ConvertKit, so I could easily set up the client registration experience from start to finish.”

— Sue Rasmussen | Read More


Software Provider

“I like that MoonClerk offers a lot of flexibility and power in managing billing while still staying simple to use. We’ve tripled our business since starting to use Moon-Clerk, which is partly due to how MoonClerk has made it easy to manage billing so we can focus on other things.”

— Brian Glick | Read More

H2O Church


“As more people have gotten involved in events and have participated in mission trips, we have seen greater percentages of those people paying ahead of time, thanks to MoonClerk. We have also seen more people donate toward mission trips, likely due to the ease of access and use of our MoonClerk forms.”

— Julie Cody | Read More


Software as a Service (SaaS)

“MoonClerk has changed so much for us! Over the last three years our monthly SaaS clients have gone from 0% of our revenue to over 60%. MoonClerk provides us with known revenue numbers that allow us to make better spending decisions.”

— Tim Hibbard | Read More

Arwen Daniels Dance Academy

Dance Studio

"MoonClerk has saved me hours of time every month, and I can focus on what I should be doing, which is teaching dance and helping kids grow. MoonClerk is hands-down one of the best decisions we have made for our business for the price that we’re charged every month."

— Arwen Daniels | Read More

The Bateman Law Firm


“Many of my clients cannot afford to hire and pay a lawyer all upfront. However, I quickly learned that manually processing each client’s monthly payments was going to be impossible. MoonClerk lets me take cases and clients that I would otherwise have to turn down, and promotes broader access to my services.”

— John Bateman | Read More

Brisbane Lashes

Training Courses

“MoonClerk has allowed us to more than double the number of training events we will hold this year compared to last year. Also, with MoonClerk, we now have our course enrollment 90% automated, removing us almost entirely from the process, which has saved us countless hours of work each month.”

— Joy Crossingham | Read More


Web Design and Development

“I’m all about efficiency and reducing friction, so the simplicity of MoonClerk was very appealing to me. Once the client has entered their payment information once, everything is automatic. By making non-billable work as efficient as possible, we are free to focus on the parts of the business that generate revenue.”

— Leighton Taylor | Read More


Technology Services Firm

“We like the ease of use MoonClerk offers and we recommend it to our clients who need to receive payments. We A/B landing tested one client’s existing purchasing method against the simplicity of MoonClerk, and the result was that the MoonClerk form had 40% more transactions than the old method.”

— Carolina Altamirano | Read More


Software as a Service (SaaS)

“We’ve tripled the number of new paying clients we add every month with MoonClerk. We even wake up some mornings and have a new paying client. This was never possible before. MoonClerk’s UI gives us all the customization we need but is also simple."

— Dan Scudder | Read More

The Go Coach

Life Coach

“Prior to MoonClerk, I spent a lot of time “chasing” people for money. 0% of my clients would remember to pay their monthly installments. With the MoonClerk recurring option, I now receive 100% of my payments each month on-time. That’s spectacular!”

— Bridgette Simmonds | Read More

Clothed in Hope


“We’ve seen our donor base grow since transitioning to MoonClerk. We’ve seen a substantial increase in new donors, as well as more frequent donations from previous givers. People who felt uneasy using other platforms (due to potential security issues) now feel comfortable giving.”

— Amy Woodell Bardi | Read More

Spilled Milk


"MoonClerk is incredibly easy to set up. It took me less than ten minutes to create our first form, and it integrates seamlessly with our website. MoonClerk works so well that subscriptions basically run themselves at this point."

— Matthew Amster-Burton | Read More



"Since moving all of my members to MoonClerk, I have saved HOURS worth of time billing and documenting payments from my members. I also have been able to offer more customized payment options to members to meet their exact needs, and creating each form is a snap."

— Abbey Tootle | Read More


Web Agency

“If you're struggling with getting clients to pay in a timely manner, give MoonClerk a shot. They are hands-down the most affordable and useful service I’ve ever used. Stop spending hours every week/month chasing down clients! Just set up your clients once and you’re done – it really is as simple as that!”

— Nathan Duvall | Read More

Business Coach

“When I set up a form in less than 5 minutes, I was sold. When I customized the form to match my brand, my clients raved. When I showed my clients how easy recurring payments were, they were SOLD.”

— Heather Jernigan | Read More

Great Outdoor Adventure Trips


"We use MoonClerk for all of our donations. In the last year we’ve increased our monthly donations by 42% and almost doubled our number of monthly donors, just through changing our system to MoonClerk… It’s easier for our donors. It’s easier for us."

— Ryan McCrary | Read More

Think Clearly


“Before MoonClerk, I just accepted regular checks in the mail and expensive wire transfers. Most of these traditional methods are slow and prone to errors… I love that MoonClerk is so easy to use. I can easily manage multiple forms and recurring payments and I only have to get notified if something goes wrong.”

— Mathias Vestergaard | Read More

Directive Consulting

Consulting Firm

"We no longer have to try and collect monthly payments on the 15th of the month and have our clients mail us checks or even go and pick them up. Now, with MoonClerk, we’re able to receive payments easily and our clients can pay with their credit cards, which they love!"

— Garrett Mehrguth | Read More

Springboard Innovation

Coworking Facility

"A friend recommended MoonClerk for its simplicity. As an intuitive system for recurring payments, MoonClerk has for us been problem-free, and has allowed us to focus on growing our member base. It’s very fast and notifies us of any problems immediately."

— Simon Love | Read More

Holistic Fashionista

Brand Buiding/Training

“I absolutely LOVE that we can customize the look and feel of the checkout page to match our brand. We have had so many problems with previous merchant accounts and payment systems and haven’t had any problems with MoonClerk whatsoever.”

— Angel Quintana | Read More

The Sheridan Story


“We looked for a while for a donation platform and landed on Moonclerk because of the ability to customize the interface and the ease of use for the donor. By providing a clean, simple, and friendly transaction, we improve the potential donor’s experience, increasing the likelihood that they donate.”

— Rob Williams | Read More


Software as a Service (SaaS)

“By using MoonClerk, we easily avoided 60-80 hours of coding… Also, before MoonClerk, we had to try to call customers on the phone to pay and it was a huge hassle for them and for us. Since then, we’ve had many companies convert to become customers that we didn’t expect to convert.”

— Peter Michaels | Read More


IT Consulting

“Before MoonClerk we relied on sending invoices to our customers and processing payments online or in person. MoonClerk made it easy for my team to focus on what we do best instead of getting sidetracked and distracted with work that doesn’t fall within our skill set.”

— Lucas Acosta | Read More

Thrive Arts Academy

Music Academy

“The MoonClerk forms make it so easy for people to pay their tuition that the number of past due accounts has dropped. I’ve even received compliments from parents about how easy they are to use. Compliments about a payment form! How awesome is that?”

— Mike Johns | Read More

Hauling Glass Houston

Recycling Service

“MoonClerk helped an idea become a reality. Before I found MoonClerk I couldn’t find any options for recurring payments that I could easily embed into the Squarespace site that I built. I like how simple and intuitive MoonClerk is.”

— David Krohn | Read More

Inside Start

Business Coach

“In an industry like coaching, which is exploding with growth, solopreneurs often need to wear all the hats. MoonClerk makes billing easy, and while this might sound cliché, imagine a software that’s a joy to use, check stats, and customize for your clients! I have no reason to even look for another provider.”

— Jefferson Duval | Read More

Creative Purity

Digital Creative Agency

“Manually sending invoices was a huge time suck. Since switching to MoonClerk, business profitability has been climbing in the past year, but the most valuable metric to me is TIME. With MoonClerk I have more time and my clients have more time, and we can spend it doing the things we love.”

— Travis Ruskus | Read More

The Baby Bathwater Institute

Conferences & Events

“We use MoonClerk for accepting payments for our events, membership, and other offerings. We have a lean team with no IT staff, but we’re still able to quickly and easily create custom payment forms with MoonClerk”

— Michael L. & Hollis C. | Read More

Vancouver Historical Society


"Our Historical Society has always had a stable number of members, but recruiting new younger members proved difficult when requiring checks. With MoonClerk we turned around a slight dip in membership and saw a spike in new members. MoonClerk was easy to set up and continues to be a delight to use."

— Kellan Higgins | Read More

iEvolve Fitness

Personal Trainer

“It was easy to integrate MoonClerk into my Squarespace website. With MoonClerk, I’ve been able to streamline 100% of iEvolve Fitness’s sales transactions. MoonClerk has also increased my conversion rate of prospective clients to paying clients.”

— Ocean Trail | Read More

Andy Potts Racing


“MoonClerk helped us scale our business quickly; growing over 450% in the past 2 years. The efficiencies we've gained through MoonClerk have allowed us to shift 2 roles within our organization from managing development and payment processing to sales and marketing.”

— Andy Potts | Read More



“It literally took us minutes to get started with MoonClerk. MoonClerk has helped us by saving our most valuable asset – time. We have cut our account reconciliation time by 75% every month, which makes MoonClerk a game changer for us. Changing to MoonClerk allowed us to put more focus on what really matters – saving lives.”

— Alicia Michael | Read More

Trampoline House


“One year ago, we hardly received any monthly donations. Now, one year later, we’ve raised more than $70,000 through MoonClerk in recurring donations. Because those recurring payments have become such a central part of our finances, MoonClerk’s ease-of-use is so important to us and to our donors.”

— Kajsa Messell | Read More

Digital Performance Marketing

Marketing Agency

“Irregular and manually billing each month was a drag, especially as we grew. We save approximately 4-6 hours per month of unpleasant administrative tasks by using MoonClerk. It integrated easily with our website, was easy to set-up and use, and so far has provided 98% of our needs."

— Jeff Hixon | Read More

Johnson Pool & Spa

Pool and Spa Services

“MoonClerk works seamlessly with SquareSpace and anytime we have had a question they have been there to assist every step of the way. Since the addition of MoonClerk to our new website, we have not skipped a beat when it comes to our online payment processing.”

— Tina Feeney | Read More


Web Agency

“Since we started using MoonClerk we have tripled our monthly recurring revenue. There are some other factors involved in that but MoonClerk has been instrumental in allowing us to provide a simple trustworthy checkout process for our clients that matches with how we want them to be billed.”

— Keith Carpenter Jr. | Read More

Carolin Soldo

Business Coaching

“Some of our clients feel most confident using MoonClerk, in that they are never required to pass their credit card information through an individual. This has definitely helped us to create a secure and safe client experience for our customers.”

— Jessica Spino | Read More


Trade Organization

“We used PayPal exclusively before discovering MoonClerk. We actually had people who wouldn’t join the association because of the singular PayPal payment option. I’d estimate 1/2 of all our transactions are now processed through MoonClerk. MoonClerk is simple, quick, easy-to-use, and easy-to-integrate.”

— James Stanfill | Read More

Fearless Salary Negotiation

Salaray Negotation Coach

“My minimum coaching fee is $1,500, so losing even one client because they get frustrated with the payment experience would be very expensive. Fortunately, I had already spent the 15 minutes to set up MoonClerk for my business, so it was as easy as sending a payment link to my new clients to get started.”

— Josh Doody | Read More

BJC Branding

Digital Marketing Agency

“MoonClerk integrates perfectly with our Squarespace site and it is easy to use. Basically, MoonClerk’s platform checked all of the boxes we needed to drive consistency in payments and real-time team notifications. I cannot begin to say how many hours MoonClerk’s automated billing system has helped us save.”

— Bryan Caplan | Read More

Redeemer Church Manchester


“MoonClerk helps people do what they already want to do: give to our mission as a church. When we started using MoonClerk in September we had 0 recurring plans but by February we had 51. Online recurring gifts are the best way to go, not just for your church, but also as the main way people would like to give.”

— Greg Willson | Read More

Gold Coast Nannies

Staffing Agency

“I have a 6-figure business and MoonClerk has made it so simple for me to keep track of the money coming in and going out. Other business owners recommended to me that I try out MoonClerk. Once I tried it out for myself I ended up sticking with it because of how easy and fast it is.”

— Sarah Meadors | Read More

Personal Brand Strategist

“Switching to MoonClerk was easy. I felt like I won the time lottery. I have 20% more time to work on things that really matter. I’ve 100% automated the payment process for my branding services. All of my clients are excited to use the MoonClerk payment link on launch day. Woohoo!”

— Jonathan Tilley | Read More

BelieveinU Fitness

Fitness Coach

“MoonClerk is like having a personal assistant! MoonClerk has increased our revenue by over 50% in the last 4 months. In less than 30 days, I went from $771 in payment volume to $6,386! If you want a safe, simple, and effective system to run your business, you need MoonClerk. I love MoonClerk to the moon and back!”

— Jessie Adams | Read More

Blissful Prospecting

Marketing Agency

“Before MoonClerk, we had to hunt down client payments, and the payments didn’t always come in on time. Cash flow is everything when you’re running an agency. It was a nightmare for projecting revenue. MoonClerk has helped us get to $30,000+ in recurring monthly revenue in our first 9 months in business.”

— Jason Bay | Read More

StartUp HR

Consulting Firm

“MoonClerk is a must-have tool for me. 90% of my clients pay for my services with MoonClerk. It saves an incredible amount of time for me and my clients feel in control of the process as well. Over the last year, my revenue has increased over 800%, and payments that used to take 3 to 4 weeks now take 2 days.”

— Vauna Hernandez | Read More

Life in Motion Fitness


“MoonClerk was recommended to me to use with Squarespace and it was the only system I found easy to use. It improved my business by making payments mindless. I use MoonClerk to receive 50% of my monthly income and it gives me peace of mind to know I have that money automatically coming in!”

— Krista Wioncek | Read More

The Fitness Rebellion

Fitness Coach

“To be honest, we like to keep things simple. Managing payment plans through MoonClerk is incredibly simple and accessible. MoonClerk saves us time and makes signing up clients easier. We are now using MoonClerk to process 90% of our payments.”

— Matt Wilbur | Read More

White and McGowan

Financial Planner

“Not only is MoonClerk able to facilitate a secure transaction and meet our compliance standards, but MoonClerk’s embed code provides an aesthetically pleasing layout for our website, and the steps to process a payment are very simple.”

— Matthew White | Read More

Business Coach

“The time savings that MoonClerk provides is HUGE when I’m pitching clients. Anyone else who has clients who operate on retainer should absolutely use MoonClerk. MoonClerk makes the process simpler than any other payment system out there. Believe me - I've tried them all.”

— Sallie Holder | Read More

Philip Morgan Consulting


“When I switched to MoonClerk, it felt like a well-broken-in baseball glove - just very easy at every touch-point. I like MoonClerk’s ease-of-use and flexibility. I now use MoonClerk to bill private and group-coaching clients who are on a monthly subscription.”

— Philip Morgan | Read More

Daily Strides


“MoonClerk serves as another part-time employee, saving us 20 hours a week collecting and tracking payments from customers. Also, MoonClerk gave us the capacity to increase our consistent revenue by over 500% per month in just 5 months.”

— Nick Gathrite | Read More

Laser Light Skin Clinic

Medical Clinic

“Getting started with MoonClerk was seamless. Our online sales were basically non-existent before MoonClerk. We now consider online purchases a major part of our business. USE MOONCLERK!”

— Dr. Victoria Johnson | Read More

Mission Driven Ministries


“We have 7 new recurring donations we would have been unable to receive before we started using MoonClerk. The customizable payment forms are great. Yesterday we decided we needed to gather an address from d0nors and we were able to add that as a required field in a couple of minutes.”

— Zach Johnson | Read More


Wellness Club

“With MoonClerk, we’re able to gather a deposit and collect monthly payments in the same checkout with ease. Offering payment plans is an extremely effective way to grow your business and if you’re going to use any platform, use Moonclerk!”

— Christina Rice | Read More


Proxy Service

“MoonClerk is really easy to use and setup. Over the past year, we’ve doubled our monthly proxy subscriptions while using MoonClerk and we’ve been able to retain over 85% of our customers since moving to a recurring model.”

— Evan Sarmiento | Read More

Business Coach

“We recommend MoonClerk to all our clients. MoonClerk is the EASIEST system I have ever used and fits all my needs. MoonClerk has saved me time and increased my bottom line. I can’t think of anything I would need that MoonClerk doesn’t provide!”

— Margie Shard | Read More


Web Agency

“100% of our clients are 100% satisfied when we switch them from other providers to MoonClerk. We love that MoonClerk works so well on mobile, has a customizable design, powerful API, and integrates seamlessly with WordPress.”

— Kevin Dees | Read More